Our Film Club has spawned a Community Cinema, which usually meets on the first Sunday of the month, with a Family Film at 2pm, and an Evening Screening at 7:30pm. We aim to share the best of contemporary cinema (and the occasional classic) on our huge screen and quality PA system in the lovely, intimate setting of the Coffee Shop.

Each screening is preceded by a short introductory talk (by a special guest or one of our Committee), and there is the opportunity to stay on after the film for a drink and conversation about the artistic, existential and spiritual themes it may have raised (or to just have a good old chat with friends!).

We have a licensed bar serving drinks and snacks.

Films we have screened in the last few months include Suffragette, The Martian, Selma, Amy, Carol and Die Hard (as our Xmas Special!). Family Films have included Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur.

See for more info.


revcoffee also hosts an occasional, informal Film Club. It  has been paused since launching the Cinema, but we occasionally get together for a film which might be too long or not quite right for the Cinema eg Richard Linklater’s incredible 3hr+ ‘Boyhood’.

The format is simple:

1. Watch Film

2. Talk about Film


Like all Art, Movies have the capacity to move and to challenge, to inspire and to shape us. They can also open us up to the existential stuff of life, including issues of meaning and faith.

Our hope when we gather is -first and foremost- to simply enjoy good (and bad) films. We will also aim to have some great conversations exploring their potential meaning and how they might relate to our lives. All views are equally welcomed and valued, and we hope it might be a place where people of different worldviews can really explore some interesting issues together…

Over the years we’ve watched anything from Looper, The Tree Of Life and This Is 40 to Never Let Me Go, Gods and Men and Boyhood. Very different films which provoked some very interesting conversations!

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more or to get involved.

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