Arts Night

clive at third space

We usually meet on 2nd and 4th Sundays, 7:30-9:30 pm at the CCC Coffee Shop, although it is worth confirming with me as it is subject to change. We ask for a voluntary contribution of £2 per person towards the use of the Community Centre.

A small group of young-ish  poets, musicians, storytellers, comedians, singers, photographers and artists have begun getting together on the second Sunday of the month to form a creative arts night and series of events at the CCC Coffee Shop. We aim to share original and borrowed material and collaborate in creating new works, as well as  putting on quality performances and having quality conversations exploring issues of life and faith from a variety of perspectives.

We meet twice per month. Once to perform works on a particular theme, and get stuck into some good conversation. Once to have a jam, build up some material and prepare for possible performances in the coffee shop, local pubs and elsewhere.

If that sounds a bit serious, it isn’t! The atmosphere is relaxed, fun and open.

We have looked at an incredible range of issues from of parenthood, youth & childhood to unrequited love, death & resurrection, protest, summer and many more…

We have used photography, original songs and compositions, a variety of cover versions (from Dylan to Bowie (to Barlow!), folk to prog to punk), re-written bible passages, poetry (Larkin, Yeats, Ginsberg, originals), short stories, artworks (from Chagall to Emin to Banksy) and more…..all are welcome, regardless of beliefs or talent!

And you don’t have to come with anything prepared…just turn up and get involved in the art and conversation.

Suggestions for future themes always considered.

Please get in touch if this sounds like something you’d be interested in….contact Simon Oliver on for more details or to get involved…

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